Moss Type

Sheet Moss

Sheet moss is a natural-looking and durable moss, most commonly used as a decorative base layer in a multitude of Quiet Earth Moss installations.


What is Sheet Moss?

Sheet moss, also known as carpet moss, lives naturally in moist wooded areas, often forming protective, carpet-like coverings on rocks and soil.

This cushiony moss is often applied as a wall or ceiling covering and is an excellent base moss for most Quiet Earth Moss Designs.

Quiet Earth Moss - Sheet Moss Highlight


  • Lush and feathery texture
  • Rich dark green coloring
  • Fern-like branches
  • Efficient noise reduction qualities
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • 100% natural moss

Sheet Moss Color Options

Quiet Earth Moss - Sheet Moss Light Green

Light Green

Quiet Earth Moss - Sheet Moss Dark Green

Dark Green

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