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Sheet Moss

One-of-a-kind sheet moss walls remain green and involve minimal upkeep. Liven up workspaces and improve acoustic comfort with bespoke creations by Quiet Earth Moss.


What is Preserved Sheet Moss?

Sheet moss, also known as carpet or feather moss, thrives in moist wooded areas, often forming protective, carpet-like coverings on rocks and soil.

This cushiony moss is often applied as a wall or ceiling covering and is an excellent base for most Quiet Earth Moss Designs.

Our sheet moss is 100% sustainably sourced and naturally preserved to ensure its vibrancy and texture for many years. Backed with acoustic dampening ezoBord material, our preserved moss walls are meticulously handcrafted to each customer’s exact specifications.

Benefits of Sheet Moss Art

Sheet moss walls are an excellent way to elevate the warmth and character of lean interior spaces devoid of sunlight. This burst of greenery provides an instant connection to the natural world, eliciting the same effect as being outdoors. Made from the shade-loving Hypnum curvifolium, sheet moss art is a popular choice in contemporary biophilic design-- supporting emotional and physical wellbeing.

Decorative sheet moss panels do more than enhance workplace aesthetics. Anecdotal evidence shows that people working in office environments who incorporate natural elements are more productive, highly engaged, and healthier in general.

Loud conversations, incoming calls, and electronic devices are significant distractions that impair concentration and performance. Sheet moss has powerful sound absorption properties, making it ideal organic décor for open-plan offices, lobbies, and other interior spaces marked by excessive noise levels.

Quiet Earth Moss - Sheet Moss Highlight

Preserved Sheet Moss Features

  • Lush and lawn like texture
  • Rich dark green coloring
  • Fern-like branches
  • Virtually no upkeep
  • 100% natural moss
  • Noise-absorbing properties
  • Versatile application in low light interiors
  • Easy installation
  • Preserved with natural oils and dyes

Sheet Moss Color Options

Quiet Earth Moss - Sheet Moss Light Green

Light Green

Quiet Earth Moss - Sheet Moss Dark Green

Dark Green

Bring Nature Indoors

Bring the beauty of luxuriant vegetation into everyday spaces with Quiet Earth Moss. Choose from branded logo walls, decorative mosaics, custom panels, or planters crafted in various preserved moss types and reap the benefits of biophilic office design.

Our sheet moss installations mimic living walls but require no water, sunlight, or infrastructure, making them a cost-effective and low-maintenance design element.

Contact us today about exciting biophilic design possibilities

Create a mood-lifting space with preserved moss products by Quiet Earth. For more information about our sheet moss art and design possibilities, please contact us today.

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