Biophilia is humanity’s innate need to connect with nature and the natural world. Biophilic design brings the natural environment indoors by incorporating design materials found in nature, such as moss, plants, wood, and more; ultimately helping individuals reconnect with the natural world around them. This emerging trend from Europe is now building momentum in North America.

By immersing individuals in nature, Biophilic Design has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, and provide a sense of comfort and calmness.

Adapting to the new normal

100% Custom Designed by You, Handmade by Us

As we adapt to our new reality due to the pandemic, employees returning to the office will be searching for moments of comfort and calm to counteract the anxiety and uncertainness of our new world.

One of the many ways architects and designers can make offices more inviting and calming for returning employees is by utilizing the principles of biophilic design to add elements of nature into these workspaces.

Quiet Earth Preserved Moss Walls bring Biophilic Design to the forefront, creating intentional spaces of comfort, calmness, and relaxation for those that need it most.

Bring Biophilia into Your Space