Moss Type

Preserved Pole Moss

This unique and vibrant green moss grows in tight, round mounds that, when brought together, can create a modern moss design that is full of dimension.


What is Pole Moss?

Pole moss, also known as pin-cushion moss or bun moss, grows in tight round clumps, bringing the cushion-like woodland floor indoors.

Due to its bulbous nature, Pole Moss adds extra dimension and texture to any custom Quiet Earth Moss Wall or Installation.

Mask Group 12


  • Cushion-like mass (2”–3” thick)
  • Vibrant green coloring (2 green color options to choose from)
  • Chic and modern
  • Efficient noise reduction qualities
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • 100% natural moss

Pole Moss Color Options


Dark Green


Light Green

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