Preserved Moss Walls

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Low-Maintenance Nature

What is a Preserved Moss Wall?

A preserved moss wall brings the beauty and benefits of nature into your home or office space, but without costly maintenance. In comparison, "living walls" need water systems, soil substrate, natural light, with installation limitations. Quiet Earth's naturally preserved moss walls can be placed in areas without daylight, like office buildings, hospitals, and restaurants. They are 100% natural and a cost-effective way to revitalize indoor spaces.


Preserved Moss Wall Art

Natural art that brings tranquility to any space. Preserved moss will bring the lush beauty of the outside world into any space including offices, boutique clinics, hotels or restaurants.

We Create Custom Designs for a Dramatic Impact

Quiet Earth Moss - Mood Moss - Gallery 01

Cultivated and harvested according to ecological practices, Quiet Earth Moss is preserved through an innovative and eco-friendly process using natural oils and food dye. Without the use of chemicals, the natural oil mimics the water in the moss. This allows it to maintain its authentic look and texture for years to come, with only a light dusting every few weeks.

Preserved moss walls can be tailored in many ways-- the only limitations are your imagination. Our staff creates custom designs that transport the look, colors, and textures of nature into any built environment for a dramatic impact.

Handcrafted custom preserved moss wall

A preserved moss wall is a botanical work of art— which enables you to connect with the natural world in an indoor environment. The lush greenery and organic elements fill your senses and evoke tranquility. Each wall is custom designed and handcrafted, and built to your exact specifications.

Enjoy the beautiful texture and evergreen of preserved moss without the need for natural light, a power source, or watering.

Mixed Moss Wall Art Gallery

Quiet Earth Accommodates Your Style and Aesthetics

Quiet Earth Moss tailors each project to accommodate your style and aesthetics, whether you want to revitalize your home or bring the soothing effects of nature into your workspace. Enjoy the myriad benefits of biophilic design that also promotes acoustic comfort. Quiet Earth preserved moss walls are backed with ezoBord, which mimics nature's stillness with sound absorption technology.

We look forward to working with you on a custom moss wall from the initial design concept through installation.

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Effortlessly Bring Greenspace indoors

Bring Moss Art to Life in any room

The perfect compliment to any space

Quiet Earth organically preserved Moss Walls bring a stunning customized green space indoors, while controlling room acoustics.

Our Preserved Moss Products are backed with ezoBord, bringing the stillness of nature indoors through the leading acoustic dampening and sound absorption technology.

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"We had a great experience working with Quiet Earth for our moss wall. Carmen was super helpful and worked with me to customize our tiles to fit our Client's desired look.

The process was very transparent, with plenty of information throughout the project, so we knew exactly what we were going to receive.”


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“We were impressed with the ease of working with the Quiet Earth team as part of a client’s corporate branding project. We appreciated their attention to detail and the additional options they suggested to enhance the design. They were prompt to answer all of our questions.”


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