Derived from the Latin word meaning “work of the Muses,” mosaics are created from small pieces of material inlaid to form a pattern. Preserved moss mosaics and tiles offer a varied palette of geometric properties, textures, and colors that enliven any office space. Quiet Earth Moss tiles and wall décor capture the essence of nature, reduce noise pollution in the workspace, and feature endless design possibilities.


Preserved Moss Tiles Bring Nature Indoors

Building on biophilic principles, designers can use colors, shapes, and textures of Quiet Earth Moss to create unique patterns that mimic those found in the natural world. Research shows that workspaces embellished with elements of nature generate positive affective responses, promote a sense of peace and calm, and boost concentration and productivity levels.

Our decorative moss mosaics remain lush and beautiful for many years without the care and maintenance of living walls. Enjoy the sound absorption and mood-boosting benefits of 100% natural preserved moss creations-- that will become the focal point of any interior space.


Custom Moss Wall Décor

Quiet Earth Moss wall décor is custom designed for your space. The shapes and patterns found in nature provide a soothing aesthetic and add dimension. Discuss your vision for botanical art that mimics the look and feel of:

  • Flowers and forests
  • Rivers and river deltas
  • Mountain ranges
  • Growth spirals, also known as the Golden Spiral
  • Clouds
  • 3D moss and mixed foliage effects with appealing tessellations

Moss Accent Wall Features

Since they don’t require water or direct sunlight, our accent walls can be placed almost anywhere in the built environment. Our products are ideal for both accent walls and unique mosaic applications. The natural variations and irregularities of preserved moss guarantee authentic appeal.

Consider the features of our preserved moss mosaics:

  • 19 colors of Reindeer Moss available
  • Six standard moss types in 2 different sizes
  • Custom foliage add-ins
  • ½” to 3” thicknesses regular moss thickness
  • Mounted on ezoBord sound dampening panels
  • Only occasional dusting needed
  • Sustainably sourced and created
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Custom built to suit any space or dimension

Create a Mosaic with Quiet Earth

Quiet Earth Moss custom products can help you incorporate biophilic design in the office that will elevate any space to a more positive and productive environment.

Quiet Earth Moss Custom Products

"We had a great experience working with Quiet Earth for our moss wall. Carmen was super helpful and worked with me to customize our tiles to fit our Client's desired look.

The process was very transparent, with plenty of information throughout the project, so we knew exactly what we were going to receive.”

Turnkey Project Services

ft-worth DALLAS, texas

“We were impressed with the ease of working with the Quiet Earth team as part of a client’s corporate branding project. We appreciated their attention to detail and the additional options they suggested to enhance the design. They were prompt to answer all of our questions.”

President and Chief Branding Specialist, unLOCKEd