The hospitality industry is rethinking interior design with a focus on connecting guests with nature. Now more than ever, travelers are looking for experiences that embrace health and wellness-- on a physical and psychological level. By integrating features of the natural world into built spaces, biophilic hotel design creates calm, inviting environments that facilitate a positive guest experience.

Power of Biophilia in Hospitality

Biophilia has a powerful effect on weary travelers who crave a peaceful sanctuary to de-stress and unwind. Whether it’s a panoramic view of the outdoors or a water fountain in the lobby, biophilic design is proven to help improve guest happiness.

What’s the primary benefit of integrating the sights, sounds, and feel of nature in hotel design? It all boils down to creating a positive, immersive experience that customers will remember for years. There is a mind-body connection to environments that reflect and echo the greenery, the light, and the textures of the outdoors. Layered greenery, outdoor vistas, stone walls, meandering pathways, and other nature-inspired features elevate the well-being and mood of those inhabiting the space.

QEM - Wavy Wall-HD
Product: Acoustic Moss Wall. 
Moss: Pole Moss.

Design features that are visually interesting and blur the boundaries between indoors and nature make a lasting impression. Preserved moss walls for hotels are an excellent example. Handcrafted with various colors, these installations draw attention immediately, providing visual stimulation. As humans, we are hardwired to seek out nature, and giant walls of lush greenery satisfy that innate urge. Unlike living walls, preserved moss doesn’t need natural light, soil, or water. This is ideal for hotels and resorts that want to include biophilic elements without spending a fortune.

Many hotel brands are finding that lobbies can function as more than just transient spaces where guests pass through. Some studies show that guests in biophilic design hotels spend more time in the lobby and less time in their guest rooms. Hotel common areas that engage the senses are more appealing-- a mezzanine seating area or lounge with botanical motifs. Whether they realize it or not, guests are compelled to stick around, relax, and have a drink, chat, or socialize. These biophilic experiences increase ancillary revenue streams without having to book out extra rooms.

A Stress Relieving Atmosphere

Biophilic interior design will create a memorable guest experience that will linger long after they have checked out. Guests who remember cocktails or dinners in peaceful, nature-inspired spaces are more likely to leave a positive review after their stay. Biophilic enhancements in the hospitality sector play a crucial role in promoting guest loyalty.

Travel can be exhausting, and biophilic hotels provide refuge and emotional sanctuary that goes above and beyond a tidy room and clean sheets. Online reviews of biophilic establishments mention the word “experience” twice as often as conventional hotels.

Product: Acoustic Moss Wall.
Moss: Reindeer Moss.

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