Mood Moss

Mood moss is a soft, luxurious, dark green moss that adds dramatic textures and depth to any Quiet Earth Moss design.


What is Mood Moss?

Mood moss grows in thick, lush clumps, resembling a forest canopy or a velvety carpet in the woodlands. Known for its unique texture and deep green coloring, mood moss gives the illusion of windblown treetops, accentuating its biophilic design properties.

The scientific name for mood moss is Dicranum scoparium-- a species that grows prolifically throughout the United States, Asia, parts of Europe, and other regions sprinkled with damp, humid woodlands.

Dicranum scoparium is termed mood moss because of its “temperamental” appearance that changes according to humidity and ambient moisture levels. Mood moss can appear puffy and vibrant with deep emerald hues, and other times wavy and stringy.  While mood moss can survive in less than ideal conditions, there is still upkeep and maintenance for interior applications. For this reason, many designers choose to work with preserved mood moss, whether it’s for a framed moss panel, decorative art piece, or custom moss wall.

Here at Quiet Earth Moss, we harvest and preserve mood moss at peak freshness, using natural oils and dyes. The result is a maintenance-free product that can be utilized in many interior spaces, including offices, schools, medical clinics, and corporate buildings.

Quiet Earth Moss - Mood Moss Highlight

Properties of Preserved Mood Moss

  • Distinctive, curved leaves
  • Deep forest green color
  • Sustainably harvested
  • Visually appealing texture
  • Rounded, cushion-like clumps
  • Soft to the touch
  • Naturally preserved with glycerin and dye
  • 2”–3” thickness
  • Non-toxic and allergen-free
  • Requires no irrigation, direct sunlight, or pruning
  • Will maintain its color and velvety texture for years
  • Does not attract insects or pests

Decorating with Preserved Moss Walls

Quiet Earth preserved moss walls bring the myriad benefits of the natural world indoors. Our custom mood moss installations add color, life, and biophilic appeal to interior environments devoid of natural light, views, and greenery. From conference rooms to hotel lobbies, our preserved moss products foster a connection to nature, which is shown to improve both physical and emotional well-being.

Our team is passionate about making bespoke moss art pieces and takes great pride in our artistry, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

Mood moss looks and feels like its living counterpart but without the responsibilities and daily care. Embrace the positive effects of biophilic interior design and make a statement with an elegant panel of mosaics that feature sumptuous mood moss. A framed moss panel lends a sense of serenity to indoor spaces while also dampening sounds.

Custom Mood Moss Designs

Looking to revitalize and enhance your living or workspace with a mood moss wall or decorative panel? All of our products are made-to-order and can be designed to accommodate any dimension or client specifications. Design your own moss panel or collaborate with our experienced team for inspiration.

Mood moss is ideal for a number of artistic applications and may be combined with other preserved moss types for color, texture, and aesthetic and acoustic impact.

Preserved moss products promise most of the benefits of living walls with a few key advantages. They are virtually maintenance-free, are lightweight and easy to install, and are excellent sound absorbers, making them a smart addition for busy offices and interior spaces.

Transform Your Space with Mood Moss Wall Art

Bring the therapeutic properties of nature into your space with preserved mood moss from Quiet Earth. If you’d like additional information on our handcrafted projects, please get in touch today!

Mood Moss Color Options

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