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Mood Moss

Mood moss is a soft, luxurious, dark green moss that adds dramatic textures and depth to any Quiet Earth Moss design.


What is Mood Moss?

Mood Moss grows in thick, lush, forest green clumps, resembling a compact forest canopy.

Known for its natural texture and deep green coloring, Mood Moss gives the illusion of treetops as you fly over a forest, further accentuating the biophilic experience in your space.

Quiet Earth Moss - Mood Moss Highlight


  • Clump-like mass (2”–3” thickness)
  • Dark forest green coloring
  • Thick, lush, and velvety texture
  • Efficient noise reduction qualities
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • 100% natural moss

Mood Moss Color Options

Quiet Earth Moss - Mood Moss Color Forest Green

Forest Green

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