Quiet Earth Preserved Moss walls

Biophilic Design Benefits

European studies have shown for almost a decade that by integrating nature into the office environment boosts intellectual stimulation, engagement, and optimizes long-term decision making.

Integrating nature into office design is, quite simply, good for people and great for business

Quiet Earth Preserved Moss products support holistic, Biophilic design principles to help today’s workplace be the healthiest and most productive it can be.

Biophilic design sets out to rebalance modern offices and buildings by focusing on strategies that reconnect people with their natural environment in a powerful way. Preserved moss wall panels and moss wall art provide a daily natural connection scientifically proven to enhance productivity and well-being.

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Closer to Nature

Healthier & Happier Environment

A Quiet Earth Moss accent wall or custom installations creates a biophilic environment that reduces stress, naturally boosts melatonin levels, increases productivity and creativity, and reduces absenteeism.

Send a direct and impactful message to your customers and staff that their wellness matters by aligning business success with workplace health.

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Personalize your space

Design Flexibility & Creativity

Whether you are looking for a custom moss wall, modular moss wall, or even moss wall art as feature highlights to provide a calming office accent, Quiet Earth Moss has the perfect solution for every design need.

Quiet Earth preserved moss is remarkably diverse in shape, texture, and color. From the tight clusters of Reindeer Moss to small mounds of Pole Moss, Interior Designers can build the perfect look and feel that their client desires.

Work Smarter

Acoustic Sound Dampening

Far less expensive than traditional sound dampening wall panels or acoustic dampening wall installations, Quiet Earth Moss uses an ezoBord backing that captures 90 percent of the medium and high-voice frequencies. These are the same frequencies that make open workspaces and busy offices noisy, distracting, and unproductive.

With a sound absorption value (AV) of 0.70 for sheet moss, Quiet Earth Acoustic Wall Panels are an excellent option for conference rooms or anywhere where communication quality is crucial. Quiet Earth Moss not only lowers the echo in a room, but also buffers the level of outside noise, that leaks into even the most well-built building.

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Unlike a living wall, Quiet Earth Preserved Moss products are virtually maintenance-free, requiring no watering, trimming, or natural light.

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Easy Installation

Quiet Earth Moss does not require any infrastructure for water or light. They are also incredibly lightweight, allowing for easy removal and relocation when your space needs to respond to project needs or accommodate growth.

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Sustainably Made

Quiet Earth Preserved Moss is made from a 100% natural moss product, preserved using natural oils. Our products can also contribute to several LEED sustainability categories with a fully recyclable backing.

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