Biophilic Office Design

The benefits of bringing nature into the workplace are well-researched and documented. Green spaces and elements that echo the outdoors transform bland and institutional office settings into dynamic spaces where creativity thrives.

Biophilic interior design lessens the disparity between the natural world and our built environment in a way that supports morale, energy levels, and general wellbeing. Rooted in the theory of biophilia-- the human need to be close to nature and living processes-- this design concept is much more than a passing trend. Biophilic office design has become the new standard when creating workplaces that foster innovation and employee wellness.

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The Role of Biophilic Office Design

Offices that facilitate a connection with nature engage the senses and provide a stimulating atmosphere where people enjoy working. This has a positive effect on staff retention, loyalty, and performance-- which all contribute to a better bottom line.

Exposure to greenery, sunlight, and natural features is essential to our emotional and physical health. One study that included over 7,500 employees from 16 countries found that people who worked in offices connected to nature reported higher levels of overall satisfaction and mental wellbeing.  Better concentration levels, improved mood, and reduced stress were also reported.

Biophilic design in commercial office spaces is a means of investing in the welfare of your people. It's an effective way to attract and retain top talent, regardless of the industry.

Moss Planters at a desk

How do you incorporate biophilia for maximum impact? Some of the best design elements provide a visual connection with nature and a mix of sensory stimuli:

  • Natural shapes and forms – shells and spirals, botanical motifs, floral patterns, arches, domes, and vaults
  • Environmental features – natural textiles, granite, stone and wood, plants, water, outdoor vistas, and greenery facades
  • Colors that evoke the natural world and promote calmness. Greens, golds, browns, and tans remind us of the forest, while vibrant blues and yellows mimic the sky and the sun's warm glow.
  • Light and space – intentional spatial variability with natural, filtered, and diffused light

Moss Walls in the Workplace


Vertical gardens are a quintessential biophilic design element but costly and labor-intensive to maintain. For this reason, more interior designers are turning to preserved moss walls to add a burst of interior greenery in office settings.

Quiet Earth preserved moss stays green and lush but requires zero maintenance, water, or sunlight. It delivers the same biophilic benefits of living walls, is easy to install, and has unlimited opportunities for custom design.

Bring the essence of the outdoors in the office with bespoke moss mosaics and walls that naturally dampen sound for a quieter and more productive work environment. Backed on biodegradable EzoBord, our decorative acoustic moss panels have incredible sound attenuating properties and limitless design possibilities.

Custom Biophilic Design for Offices

Biophilic-designed office spaces can produce healthier, happier employees while nurturing a positive brand image. Interested in learning more about biophilic design with Quiet Earth preserved moss walls? Contact us today to discuss custom solutions for your workplace.

Bring Biophilia into Your Space