Custom Geo Framed Preserved Moss Wall Panels offer designers the power to create their wall art designs in any shape, size, and moss type. Elegant and lightweight, Quiet Earth Custom Framed Moss Wall Panels help create a Biophilic experience, scientifically proven to reduce stress, increase productivity, enhance creativity and personal wellness.


At Quiet Earth Moss, our mission is to create calmer, healthier interior spaces by bringing the benefits of nature indoors. Adding natural greenery to your commercial building can help boost productivity, reduce stress, and improve general well-being in the workplace. Quiet Earth Moss creates 100% handcrafted, one-of-a-kind moss panels that add vibrancy to any space with lush, forever green, maintenance-free moss art.

With the power to create wall art designs in any shape or size, Quiet Earth Custom Framed Moss Wall Panels are a popular option among interior designers and architects. Our fresh approach creates a unique biophilic experience.

What Are Framed Moss Wall Panels?

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Each Moss Frame is Custom-Made from three elements:

  • Your Creative Vision: Provide a sketch, a photo from nature, or a description to kick-off your project
  • The Frame: Your frame selection can be in any shape you desire and constructed from lightweight,
    multi-colored ezoBord
  • The Moss: Quiet Earth Preserved Moss is 100% natural moss, preserved with natural oils and food dye. Available in various heights, colors, and textures, preserved moss has natural variations that will make your custom Moss Geo Frames unique, compelling, and beautiful

Our panels use 100% natural, customizable reindeer moss. To begin your custom frame, we’ll ask you to provide a sketch, photo, or description of your vision.

Quiet Earth moss frames are available in any shape and are constructed from lightweight, multicolored ezoBord Panels. You can also opt for one of our custom metal, wood, or acrylic frames for a more modern look.

As a backing material, ezoBord creates an acoustic-dampening benefit with a stunning wall-mounted design. Acoustic moss wall panels by ezoBord are decorative, customizable, and made from recycled material. Lightweight and easy to install, ezoBord panels create endless possibilities for offices, lobbies or other public spaces.

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Quiet Earth Framed Preserved Moss

Quiet Earth Preserved Moss is 100% natural moss and is available in various heights, colors, and textures. Elegant and lush, our eco-friendly moss features unique natural textures and up to 19 colors to create a compelling and unique custom moss frame.

With six standard moss types in two different sizes and custom foliage add-ins, our panels offer endless design combinations and possibilities. Our framed moss panels require no natural light, watering and require little maintenance, making them an ideal statement piece in any space.

Design Beautiful, Custom Moss Frames with Quiet Earth

Although Quiet Earth Moss Panels cannot replace a relaxing stroll in the park, we can create a biophilic experience that helps enhance productivity, creativity, and personal wellness in your space. Our wall panels compliment both modern interiors and rustic decor, creating a beautiful and dynamic focal piece. Bring the beauty of nature indoors with Quiet Earth.

Design Possibilities

  • Fully customized to meet your specific vision
  • Combine up to 4 moss types with unique natural textures, and up to 19 colors
  • Quiet Earth Preserved Moss requires no trimming, sunlight, or watering. It is virtually maintenance-free
  • Frame can include any geometric or rounded shape in 30 standard ezoBord colors or select a custom frame made of metal, wood, or acrylic
  • ezoBord as a backing material provides an acoustic dampening benefit and is super lightweight for wall-mounted or suspended design
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Moss Features

Quiet Earth Moss products offer Designers an almost limitless range of possible combinations. Natural variations and irregularities guarantee authentic appeal.

  • Six standard Moss types in 2 different sizes
  • Custom Folia add-ins
  • ½” to 3” thicknesses regular moss thickness
  • 19 colors of Reindeer Moss
    ezoBord backing material improves acoustics and can be contoured to any shape
  • No maintenance required other than the occasional dusting

Designers can create intricate Mosaics that will become the focal point of any office. Although Quiet Earth Moss products cannot replace the benefits of a walk in the park, they create a biophilic experience that can make any space a more positive and productive place.

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