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Types of Preserved Moss

In recent years, interior decoration with greenery has gained popularity in both public and private spaces. Vertical gardens and other creative indoor green areas add a fresh, natural touch that introduces a sense of serenity and relaxation to any space.

Unfortunately, interior decorating with live flowers and plants isn’t always possible. However, by substituting fresh plants for preserved moss, you can instantly transform your space with vibrant, luscious greenery. At Quiet Earth, you’ll find different types of preserved moss to create stunning high-impact walls, framed art, or ceiling panels.

Preserved Moss Types

Reindeer Moss

Reindeer moss, also known as caribou or deer moss, is technically not moss. Instead, reindeer moss is a type of lichen that grows in arctic environments. Reindeer moss is known for its dynamic texture and beautiful color spectrum, ranging from green to purple and even black.

Reindeer moss is easy to customize according to your style. It’s a great option for adding beautiful natural accents to floral arrangements or creating easy-to-install acoustic moss panels suitable for any office or commercial environment.

With its soft, spongy feel, reindeer moss is versatile and easy to install on nearly any surface. Simple and fun to use, you can rest assured knowing that its vibrant colors won’t fade.

Sheet Moss

In nature, sheet moss often grows to cover rocks and soil with a carpet-like texture. Sheet moss is flat, lush, and feathery, with gorgeous natural marbling that sets it apart from other types of preserved moss.

Thanks to its flat texture and durability, sheet moss creates an ideal backdrop for different types of preserved moss. At Quiet Earth, it is most commonly used as a decorative base layer in preserved moss installations. It is also an excellent choice for creating custom designs, detailing, and adding dimension to words and phrases.

Pole Moss

Pole moss, also called pin-cushion moss or bun moss, grows in small mounds, creating a cushion-like woodland floor texture. When combined with other types of preserved moss or foliage, pole moss helps add dimension to any space.


It is available in two intense green shades: dark green and light green. It also features an exclusive design and efficient noise reduction qualities, making it the perfect choice for sound-dampening preserved moss walls or ceiling panels in commercial buildings.

Mood Moss

Mood moss grows in large, thick clumps similar to the forest canopy. Unlike other types of moss, mood moss is versatile, changing its appearance based on its growing conditions. Recognized for its stunning forest green color and fluffy, wool-like texture, it can help transform any space into a sanctuary. Mood moss is soft and luxurious, adding a sense of depth to any custom design.

It can also serve as a centerpiece or accent to a preserved moss wall, with a distinctiveness that sets your space apart. Adding mood moss to your space can help you accentuate your biophilic experience and enjoy the wide-ranging benefits of natural greenery.

Mixed Moss

Mixed moss combines sheet moss, mood moss, and pole moss, creating an ideal combination for custom moss panels and high-impact walls. Low maintenance mixed moss is fresh, natural, and vibrant, with a unique luscious texture that can help breathe life into any space.

With beautiful mixed moss, you can enhance the visual appeal of your space or use biophilic design to accentuate other elements of decor in your space. Mixed moss is especially popular for use in event spaces. Large-scale preserved moss installations are becoming increasingly prominent in residential spaces, commercial buildings, and offices.

Bring Your Vision to Life with Beautiful Preserved Moss

As one of the most versatile and compelling design elements in interior design, moss walls offer a low-maintenance, anti-microbial alternative to a living green wall. With countless form, shape, and style options, preserved moss can help bring your vision to life with a truly inspired look and feel.

Above all else, incorporating natural greenery into your space promotes relaxation, making preserved moss the perfect alternative to traditional interior decor. Discover the beauty of preserved moss with Quiet Earth today.

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