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Reindeer Moss

Quiet Earth reindeer moss walls provide beautiful, sound-dampening solutions to any office or commercial environment.


What is Reindeer Moss?

Reindeer moss, also known as caribou or deer moss, is a type of lichen—one of earth’s most ancient and resilient plant forms-- predominantly found in the arctic and tundra biomes. This hardy lichen (Cladonia rangiferina) is sustainably harvested and preserved to retain its textural and sound attenuating properties.

Known for its rich texture and depth of color, reindeer moss is a common component in our preserved moss walls and custom mosaics, two of the biggest trends in biophilic interior design. Decorative panels made of preserved reindeer moss enhance aesthetics and reduce noise pollution in high-traffic commercial spaces the world over.

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Preserved Reindeer Moss Features

  • Fluffy, sponge-like texture
  • Rich coloring (19 color options to choose from)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Versatile and highly customizable
  • Efficient noise reduction qualities
  • Improves room acoustics
  • Does not attract dust or insects
  • Virtually no maintenance
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • 100% natural and sustainably sourced
  • Naturally preserved
  • Ideal for commercial indoor spaces

Reindeer Moss Color Options

Whether installed in a conference room, reception area, or open-plan office, reindeer moss walls brighten up any space with vibrant and versatile hues. Elevate the aesthetics and ambiance with our decorative moss mosaics, framed panels, and acoustic moss planters that double as contemporary botanical art.

Splashes of burgundy, blue lavender, and sun-dappled yellow transform a bland wall into an attention-grabbing centerpiece. Quiet Earth reindeer moss is preserved and dyed with natural ingredients. It maintains its color and original texture for years. Mix and match gorgeous earthy greens with technicolor shades for a unique installation that bridges the gap between interiors and the outdoor environment.

Get inspired and creative with 19 different color choices:

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Dark Green

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Medium Green

Mask Group 19

Spring Green

Mask Group 20

Grass Green

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Pacific Green

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Blue Lavender

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Ice Blue

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Silver Grey

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Preserved Moss Walls Transform Interiors

Our team creates reindeer moss products to suit your vision and specifications---whether it’s a branded wall, framed artwork, or sound-absorbing moss planters.

A variety of preserved moss types are perfect for interior decoration, and reindeer moss has long been praised for its lush texture, dazzling colors, and mood-boosting impact.

Moss walls provide a “wow factor” in spaces that lack sunlight and greenery.  Our bespoke reindeer moss creations capture the ethereal beauty of the natural world and are popular for both small and large applications.

Diverse Applications & Easy to Maintain

Reindeer moss products are a cost-effective alternative to living walls and plant displays. Preserved moss looks fresh and alive but only needs a light dusting annually. Your moss panel or planter should maintain its color, shape, and texture for many years, and there is no need for watering or pruning.

Moss walls and business logos made with reindeer moss add dramatic visual interest to indoor settings with minimal natural sunlight. And since many of our products are backed with sound-dampening ezoBord, they also reduce distracting reverberations and echoes.

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Bring the uplifting beauty of nature into your office or commercial space with a one-of-a-kind reindeer moss wall, mosaic, or 3D panel design. Contact Quiet Earth Moss for more information about our custom, handcrafted products.

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