Moss Planters

Quiet Earth Preserved Moss Planters use Biophilic design features that bring the calming, stress-reducing benefits of nature into the workplace. So, whether you are looking for a subtle addition to a boardroom or a stunning design feature for a reception area, a Preserved Moss Planter provides a low maintenance, high impact design to any workspace.


What are Preserved Moss Planters?

Preserved Moss Planters are elegant, portable installations/solutions that complement any office design without sacrificing valuable wall space. Each customizable Planter is made from two elements: The Planter structure and Preserved Moss.

The Planter structure features our industry-leading ezoBord, a super lightweight, non-toxic, acoustic panel material made from recycled water bottles. Fully customizable into any shape, size, or color, ezoBord helps turn any Design vision into reality.

Quiet Earth Preserved Moss fills the Planter with 100% natural, eco-friendly moss preserved with natural oils and dyes to create one-of-a-kind colors, textures, and patterns. Preserved Moss is superior to living plants within a work environment. Quiet Earth Moss is insect-free, requires no watering or sunlight, and is virtually maintenance-free, making it an excellent design addition to any office or work environment.

Moss Planters at a desk

Moss Planter Features

  • Handcrafted to your specific design requirement
  • Absorbs sound and residual noise
  • Super strong and lightweight
  • Requires no light or watering
  • Combines up to 6 unique moss types, textures, heights, and natural patterns

Design Possibilities

  • Perfect for reception areas, boardrooms, offices, and common areas
  • Minimalist designs
  • Can be used to separate areas within a space
Product: Moss Planter. 
Moss: Mixed Moss.

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