More Hotels Are Decorating With Preserved Moss Walls

From South Beach to San Diego, more hotels are embracing biophilic interior design with preserved moss walls. Once lacking in greenery and organic materials, built environments are harnessing the therapeutic effects of nature to enrich ambiance and promote well-being among guests and staff.

Bringing elements of the natural world indoors– whether in lobbies, conference rooms, restaurants, or hotel spas– recreates the soothing yet revitalizing bliss one feels when surrounded by trees, plants, and sunlight. Biophilic design is focused on connecting interior spaces with purposeful integration and is much more than a few strategically placed Philodendrons.

Interior biophilic design with preserved moss

Hotel architects and interior designers take inspiration from the patterns, textures, and colors found in nature to create feelings of tranquility and relaxation in public spaces. The integration of skylights, greenery, and living elements positively affects one’s perception of built environments and the time spent in them.

In the interest of providing healing, restorative experiences for guests, hotels, and resorts are turning to wall art and mosaics with preserved moss– an aesthetically pleasing medium that requires no watering or maintenance. These custom interior pieces offer all the calming benefits of living vertical walls but with no installation limitations or need for irrigation.

Natural oil and dyes maintain the look, color, and feel of preserved moss, making it a cost-effective way to infuse lobbies and hallways with the mood-lifting effects of greenery.

Emotional and physical well-being among many benefits

The benefits of preserved moss walls in hotels and resorts are numerous. Each creation is bespoke and meticulously designed to enliven indoor spaces for years to come. Because Quiet Earth Moss naturally absorbs and deflects noise, these panels significantly improve interior acoustics, which is especially helpful in noisy urban locations.

Moss installations can be placed on walls and ceilings in almost any location and last longer when not exposed to direct sunlight. This versatility and convenience make it an ideal design element for creating a biophilic sanctuary.

Like semi-open courtyards, water features, and organic, reclaimed materials used in construction, moss walls can effectively blur the boundaries between nature and interior living spaces.

Research has proven that proximity to nature, even if it’s just a glimpse of trees outside the window, has an extraordinary impact on our outlook, stress levels, and emotional and physical well-being. Exposure to greenery and outdoor landscapes improves productivity, inspires creativity, and evokes feelings of contentment.

These are just some compelling reasons why interior designers are marrying nature and art in hotel design. Organic shapes, natural hues, and vertical walls of green create a tranquil setting that both welcomes and stimulates the senses.

Custom products for hotels and resorts

From complex mosaics to lush walls and preserved moss planters, Quiet Earth provides custom solutions for hotels looking to improve the guest experience and interior atmosphere with the power of nature. Our team is happy to help bring your vision to life using beautiful, allergen-free preserved moss. Contact us to discuss design possibilities!