Here’s Why You Should Decorate with Preserved Moss Art

Preserved moss art for indoor spaces is stunning, often sculptural, and because it is treated to maintain its appearance, there is minimal upkeep. Here are more of the key benefits of decorating with Quiet Earth Moss.


Moss is universally beloved as a meditation medium. It is a staple in Japanese gardens, where it carpets rocks and earth. Moss invites itself to the garden by wind-blown spore, lending serenity, and softness to the environment. It grows in the shade beneath a tree, and is a beautiful reminder of resiliency, as it thrives whether the soil is rich in nutrients or not.

Unconventional and Unique

Moss art is used in biophilic design to increase our connectivity to nature. It catches the eye, evoking a sense of wonder. The three-dimensionality is not only visually spectacular but invites the viewer into that world. Each moss production is a unique, one-of-a-kind art piece– customized to the client’s specifications.


Moss is a simple plant– it has no root structure, does not flower, and does not produce seeds. Yet, there is so much we can do with this Bryophyte. Moss can be integrated into a corporate logo, used as a base for indoor moss planters, or the most popular, a framed preserved moss wall. A rainbow of moss colors are made by using natural food dyes and can be used to create colorful mosaics.


Preserved moss doesn’t require mist hydration, insect-repellant chemicals, or a soil base. As with any art you might install, routine dusting is all that is needed. The moss needs a moist base, away from direct sunlight, to remain vibrant and soft to the touch for years to come.


Quiet Earth Moss sound dampening moss walls offer a cost-effective way to improve office acoustics. When noise-absorbing moss is combined with ezoBord acoustic backing material, concentration and focus become much easier.


Companies may opt for preserved moss art to align with brand values like earth-friendliness, sustainability, nature-preservation, and concern for their employees’ well-being. In addition, it adds bright, verdant greenspace to the work ecosystem.


Moss is an excellent medium for a green office. It increases feelings of well-being by 47%, creativity by 45%, and productivity by 38%, according to a 2013 study conducted by Exeter University. When offices were trending neutral and minimalist, the research revealed the tendency of plants to lower physiological stress, increase attentiveness, and boost the overall sense of well-being.

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