3 Surprising Ways Preserved Moss Walls Can Improve Your Environment

If you’re looking to make a bold and beautiful statement while also increasing health, tranquility, and productivity, consider incorporating the benefits of moss wall panels to your office, lobby, or commercial building. Preserved moss walls can instantly transform an ordinary space into a sustainable and beautiful environment.

By combining the timelessness of nature with advanced green office technology, Quiet Earth Moss offers a fresh approach to biophilic design breathing new life into interior spaces.

Here’s why it works:

1. People work better when they feel connected to nature

The workplace has a significant physiological and emotional impact on the overall well-being of the staff throughout the day. Biophilic designs can help boost productivity and personal wellness among your team by promoting an improved sense of connection with the natural world. It also sends a direct message that their wellness is a priority. Feeling connected to nature reduces stress allows employees to be more present and productive. It also helps them become more attuned to the needs of clients and co-workers.

preserved moss wall with ezoboard

2. Moss naturally improves acoustics

Elegant and lightweight, Quiet Earth Preserved Moss Walls are soothingly quiet. Our acoustic wall panels capture 90 percent of medium and high-voice frequencies and offer a sound absorption value of 0.96. With natural acoustic dampening features achieved through Ezobord, preserved moss walls are ideal for conference rooms, training rooms, offices, and any space where the quality of communication is essential.

3. Moss walls can lower energy costs

Through evapotranspiration, moss walls help to cool buildings during warm summer months. In the winter, the moss benefits your space by adding an extra layer of insulation to your indoor space—which can reduce your overall energy costs. Over time, preserved moss can also help reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to a more sustainable workplace.

Soothing and restorative, moss wall art offers an all-natural, sustainable, and customizable option when designing or renovating the next-generation workplace.

Innovative Biophilic Design

To learn more about the benefits of preserved moss green walls and our beautiful custom preserved moss wall art, contact Quiet Earth Moss today. Let us help you keep your staff happy, healthy, and balanced with innovative biophilic design.