What's Available to Absorb Sound in a Large Room?

From carpets and bookshelves to fabric panels and even extra layers of drywall, there are many options available to absorb sound in a large room. The best solution, however, is preserved moss panels. Beautiful and functional, they create welcoming green spaces in offices that promote collaboration without sacrificing comfort.

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Why Worry About Sound Proofing?

Beyond a comfortable temperature and plenty of natural light, large spaces also need to be acoustically comfortable. Acoustics play a large role in overall wellbeing and can set the body up for calm, centered success or erratic, confused stress. For example, offices with bad acoustics are linked to poor productivity and engagement as well as higher rates of chronic stress.

Soundproofing a space, especially a large one, can help improve worker concentration levels and performance.

Basic Principles of Soundproofing

The eardrums are primarily responsible for how humans perceive sound. Sound is made of waves or vibrations that move through the air. When these waves are funneled into the ear canal, they make tiny bones in the eardrum vibrate and send nerve impulses down the auditory nerve to the brain. The eardrum is so sensitive that it can detect even the faintest sounds-- like echoes reverberating in a large room.

The most effective strategies for soundproofing are absorption and dampening. Both methods involve reducing the intensity of sound waves-- causing fewer vibrations. Absorption-based soundproofing uses soft, porous material to absorb the sound waves rather than reflect them into the space. Similar to absorption, dampening soundproofing reduces the intensity or amplitude of sound waves.

Quiet Earth Moss - Sheet Moss - Gallery 03

Dampen and Absorb Sound with Preserved Moss Panels

Product: Custom Moss on Ezo Wall. 
Moss: Mixed Moss.

Preserved moss panels by Quiet Earth Moss are beautiful and effective sound management solutions. These decorative sound absorbing panels have an absorption value of .70—reducing ambient noise by 70%. Handmade preserved moss designs are mounted on ezoBord backing panels made from recycled PET fiber and 100% polyester to dampen sound from a wide range of frequencies.

Beyond absorbing sound, preserved moss panels also offer benefits like:

  • Limitless design options
  • Simple installation
  • Eye-catching style
  • Easy maintenance with no pruning or light required

Absorb Sound with Quiet Earth Moss

Quiet Earth Moss Acoustic Dampening Moss Walls offer a natural, sustainable, and soothing sound solution for any commercial or office space. From reception areas and conference rooms to open-concept workspaces, training rooms, and more-- bring the therapeutic effects of nature indoors with Quiet Earth Moss.

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