A moss wall is an artistic wall arrangement decorated with moss.  It can be composed of one or several different types of moss, including reindeer, lycopodium, mood, mixed, and sheet moss.

Moss walls introduce the principles of biophilic design into any environment. As a result, they are ideal for office environments, restaurants, hospitals, lobbies, hotels, and even private homes.




Living vs. Preserved Moss Walls: What’s the Difference?

Living moss walls are a great way to incorporate natural elements into indoor environments. However, it’s important to remember that they require ongoing irrigation, trimming, and feeding to maintain their lush texture and vibrant color. They also need the proper amount of humidity, so it’s essential to monitor those levels in your home or office.

On the other hand, preserved moss involves harvesting and preserving natural moss to keep its lush, vibrant appearance. Unlike living moss walls, preserved moss walls require minimal maintenance.

Preserved moss products from Quiet Earth Moss are sustainably harvested and preserved to retain their natural look and acoustic-dampening properties. You can enjoy their benefits without all of the additional work.

In addition, preserved moss walls offer a greater variety of colors and species. For example, one of the most commonly used mosses, reindeer moss, features a rich texture and deep color.

Where Can Preserved Moss Walls Be Installed?

Preserved moss walls can be installed almost anywhere. Designers can position them without direct or indirect light sources. In office environments and conference rooms, a green wall of preserved moss invigorates creativity and productivity.

As noted above, preserved moss is much simpler to install as it does not require any soil or substrate material. Quiet Earth Moss installations are mounted on a recyclable back panel material, known as ezoBord, which can be customized into any shape. With ezoBord, it’s easy to create one-of-a-kind, personalized moss wall installations, even if you’re working within a limited space.


Are Preserved Moss Walls Really Maintenance-Free?

Yes, they are. Quiet Earth Moss installations are preserved with 100% natural oils, allowing you enjoy their unique beauty without needing to monitor water intake, humidity, or sunlight. Because preserved moss walls are maintenance free, you will not incur any extra costs after installation. In addition, preserved moss offers a convenient, affordable solution to transform your indoor environment, regardless of size or location.

Surround Yourself with Natural Beauty

Whether you’re looking to bring nature to your business or boost employee productivity through nature scenes in the office, preserved moss walls offer a sustainable, convenient, affordable solution.

Interested in transforming your space with beautiful, innovative biophilic design? Contact Quiet Earth Moss for more information about our custom moss art.

Bring Biophilia into Your Space