What Absorbs Sound in an Office?

What absorbs sound in an office or commercial space? The answer is preserved moss walls. What adds beauty, along with countless design options to these interiors? The answer is the same. What requires no maintenance and is 100 percent sustainably sourced? Yes, preserved moss walls. What exactly are they? New and unique to office spaces of the 2020s, they consist of 100 percent natural moss, treated with essential oils.

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Natural Sound Absorbtion In Office Environments

In nature, moss possesses sound absorption properties, and the same holds when preserved moss is used indoors. While preserved moss walls can lessen sound in any building layout, they are especially effective in open floorplans. Background noise levels in spaces with such floorplans should not exceed 50 decibels, but rates 25 to 30 percent higher than that are not uncommon.

Acoustic dampening moss walls-- available at Quiet Earth Moss-- minimize distracting background noise while providing attractive greenery. Many clients opt for ceiling panels or framed moss art to complement high-impact moss walls.

Preserved Moss Walls

Unlike living moss walls, with preserved moss there is no need for the regular maintenance demanded by growing plants. These walls are suitable for most indoor areas, as long as the location is not too dry or wet.

Sound-absorbing panels are especially good at absorbing office noises such as human voices, ringing telephones, and app notifications. Less background noise allows for greater focus. That translates to greater efficacy. A quiet and greener working environment benefits the entire staff.


Health Benefits


Preserved moss walls offer practical solutions for noise reduction, along with flexibility and ease of maintenance-- they are the framework of the future. No one thrives in a noisy environment.

To some degree, too much noise affects mental health. Employees may respond to noisy spaces in ways that are detrimental over time. For instance, listening to music on headphones may drown out irritating background noise, but it may also be harmful to auditory health.

Work-life changed overnight during the pandemic. Now, as employees return to their offices, a soothing and serene atmosphere is a tremendous emotional benefit.

Beyond absorbing sound, preserved moss panels also offer benefits like:

  • Limitless design options
  • Simple installation
  • Eye-catching style
  • Easy maintenance with no pruning or light required

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Lightweight, simple to install acoustic wall panels from Quiet Earth Moss absorb and dampens sound in any commercial or office environment.  Our panels maintain their beauty but require no natural light, watering, or trimming. Designs are custom-tailored and handmade. Panels are available in any size or shape.

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