Visit us during Design Days/ Neocon 2023 June 12th - 14th

The ARC, 404 N May St, Chicago, IL 60642, USA

More Than 25 Iconic Design Brands Bring the Fulton Market District to Life

Each June, over 40,000 people from across the global design community gather in Chicago to celebrate the latest in design and architecture, sharing product news and participating in a variety of events across the Windy City. The Fulton Market District will welcome top design professionals and enthusiasts to enjoy product launches, exhibits and events, from Monday, June 12- Wednesday, June 14, 2023 at the First Annual Fulton Market Design Days.

Product: Bamboo Framed Moss. 
Moss: Sheet, Pole, and Mixed Moss.

Bamboo Framed Moss Panels

Quiet Earth Bamboo Framed Moss creates a biophilic experience, proven to reduce stress, increase productivity and enhance creativity. Create stunning wall art with our geometric-inspired feature and arrange them in your favourite pattern to give your space that sustainable and stylish edge.

Moss Letters

During Design Days at NeoCon, Quiet earth moss will feature Moss Letters, a unique solution to express your style naturally.

Available in 2 fonts, Moss letters are backed with high-performance acoustic material, they offer both aesthetic and practical benefits. They’re extremely easy to install and require no maintenance.  

Product: Moss Letters. 
Moss: Reindeer Moss.
Product: Acoustic Moss Wall with Ezo. 
Moss: Pole MOss.

Acoustic Moss Walls

Bring the therapeutic effects of nature indoors and improve workplace productivity. We create acoustic-dampening moss panels in any shape or size. By combining aesthetics with sound absorption capability, our preserved moss panels are an effective solution for high-visibility spaces

Shuttle Bus Information

Free shuttle transport will be available on Monday and Tuesday to get you and your clients from Design Days to the ARC!


Event Schedule

Monday, June 12th - 9 AM to 5 PM

Tuesday, June 13th - 9 AM to 5 PM

Wednesday, June 14th - 9 AM to 3 PM