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Preserved Moss Planters

Architects and Designers worldwide are promoting Preserved Moss as a hot and sustainable design trend. Rich with biophilic possibilities, Moss is natural and beautiful. Researchers from across disciplines such as architecture, organizational design, and psychology have shown that Moss delivers proven benefits from improving productivity and reducing work-related stress to enhanced creativity, collaboration, and innovation.

Preserved Moss Planters provide an affordable, design-friendly way to bring nature into any office environment. An alternative to high-maintenance potted plants that are unfeasible in many office spaces due to lighting and the need for constant attention, Preserved Moss Planters are an easy and effective way to redefine rather than redesign your work environment.

What is Preserved Moss?

Preserved Moss is a 100-percent natural product preserved using eco-friendly natural oils combined with natural dyes to preserve natural moss safely. Preserved Moss is not artificial moss, made of plastic and polyester, but real Moss harvested from nature to capture its subtle textures, rich biophilic patterns, and impressive design potential.

Preserved Moss is insect-free, requires no watering or sunlight, and is virtually maintenance-free, making it an excellent design feature for almost any office environment.

What is a Quiet Earth Preserved Moss Planter?

Quiet Earth Moss Planters begin with custom-designed planter frames made with ezoBord, an acoustic board made from recycled plastic bottles that boast a very high strength-to-weight ratio. Available in 30 colors, an ezoBord planter can be designed using standard lengths and heights or fully customized into geometric or logo patterns.

The Quiet Moss design team then works directly with you to bring your vision to life, using any combination of:

  • 6 different moss textures, heights, and natural patterns
  • Thicknesses ranging from ½” to a full 3”
  • 19 different moss colors.

Designers can choose to go unicolor or multicolor. They can use one or multiple moss types to create precisely the look and feel they imagine. Each piece is custom made from a natural moss, ensuring that every work of art is unique with its intriguing showcase of intricacies and irregularities.

And because it is super lightweight, a Quiet Earth Preserved Moss Planter with an ezoBord frame can be freestanding, secured directly to drywall or plywood, or even suspended from the ceiling. Weighing as little as 1.5 pounds per square foot, these wholly custom pieces are a fraction of a living plant’s installation weight and require no special infrastructure for light or watering.

Why Choose Quiet Earth Moss?

Quiet Earth Moss is a leader in preserved moss installations and an expert in designing spectacular planter installations in work environments across North America.  So whether you are looking for a subtle addition to a boardroom or stunning design feature for a reception area,  pieces in standard wall panel shapes or using a unique geo frame as a highlight feature in any office or reception space, Quiet Earth Moss has a vast portfolio of options available to help your business take full advantage of this global design trend.