How Preserved Moss Walls Impact Well Being

Nature has played a crucial role in shaping human biology, which helps explain our inborn affinity for living things and the natural world. Extensive research shows that built environments devoid of plant life and natural elements have a negative effect on health and quality of life. In this same vein, there is ample evidence that interior settings infused with natural features and greenery have a dramatic impact on people’s physical and mental well-being.

According to a report in Cognition Today, biophilic interiors and office design afford the following benefits: improvements in short-term memory, self-reported uptick in positive emotions, lower blood pressure, and reduced stress levels.

The Human–Nature Connection

The correlation between interiors with nature-inspired elements and human health has been well-studied, particularly in workplace settings. Study participants surrounded by plants, greenery, and outdoor embellishments demonstrated better problem-solving skills, innovative thinking, and faster comprehension of new tasks– along with marked improvements in productivity.

Empirical data also proves that contact with nature or natural analogs positively affects mood and mental restoration. The simple act of looking at botanical landscapes, like a preserved moss wall, is pleasing to the eye, which instantly reduces stress. Similar findings occurred in educational environments, where students exposed to potted plants displayed better attention levels and fewer health complaints


Benefits of Biophilic Design with Moss Walls

The bottom line is that biophilic interior design, through colors, shapes, textures, and patterns, is no longer neglected as an essential source of health and well-being. Increasing numbers of designers are turning to Quiet Earth Preserved Moss products. They create engaging, multi-sensory environments that engage the senses and promote physiological and emotional well-being.

Beyond pleasing aesthetics, the benefits of preserved moss walls are numerous in promoting health and wellness. Available in 19 different colors, our moss wall panels can be custom made to suit virtually any size space in need of a dramatic focal point that evokes the tranquility of nature. Best of all, these custom works of art provide the same cognitive and mood-lifting benefits as living walls, but without the maintenance.

In addition, distractions from noise pollution are a chief complaint from employees in office settings with open layouts. Plants and preserved moss naturally block a wide range of sounds for a more peaceful, stress-free environment. Quiet Earth decorative moss planters are made using ezoBord panels. They are a great alternative to conventional planters with the added benefits of acoustic dampening, space demarcation, and social distancing within larger spaces.

Why Partner with Quiet Earth Moss?

Quiet Earth Moss recognizes and harnesses the therapeutic qualities of nature with our stunning preserved moss products for office and hotel design. Create a unique biophilic environment with our handcrafted, maintenance-free moss art installations.