How Long Does a Preserved Moss Wall Last?

The best way to extend the duration of a preserved moss product is by choosing an indoor location with the following attributes:

  • Relative humidity levels of 45 percent to 65 percent
  • Out of direct sunlight
  • Low to moderate foot traffic
  • Cannot be touched or handled

The lifespan of a preserved moss wall can range anywhere from two to eight plus years before it needs professional touch-ups. The longevity of these botanical works of art depends on the type of moss used, the ambient moisture of the environment, and whether the installation is out of human reach. While perfectly safe and inviting to touch, moss walls can be damaged by constant handling over time.

Even in less than optimal conditions, preserved moss will remain green and lush for years without daily maintenance. These artisan creations provide all the benefits of a living wall without the upkeep and expense.


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Longevity of preserved moss walls

Quiet Earth Moss utilizes different types of sustainably harvested natural moss-- preserved with non-toxic food dye and oils. Unlike dried moss, which loses its color, soft texture and easily disintegrates, preserved moss retains its vibrancy and living appearance for years.

How long will a Quiet Earth custom preserved moss wall last? You can count on several years, but the exact lifespan will depend on the species of moss:

  • Reindeer Moss – The most popular choice for wall panels and decorative mosaics, this richly-colored moss can last more than five years before needing restoration. The longevity drops to two years if the panel is accessible to human touch.
  • Sheet Moss, Fern Moss, Pole Moss, and Mood Moss – These mosses are ideal for high-traffic places and remain pristine for 3+ years before needing touch-ups. If installed in areas where no one can touch it, they can last 8-10 years without professional maintenance.

With periodic touch-ups to restore fallen and damaged pieces or re-apply oils, preserved moss walls can last for decades, making them a smart investment for any interior space. The preservation process used by Quiet Earth is eco-friendly and maintains the color, integrity, and softness of natural moss.

Finally, whether installed in a lobby or commercial workspace, these panels are virtually indistinguishable from living moss walls but have the advantage of zero maintenance. Preserved moss requires no irrigation, soil substrate, sunlight, or special care. A light dusting from time to time is all that is required to enrich your interior space with biophilic elements.

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