How do you Reduce Noise Between Offices?

To reduce noise between offices, consider installing preserved moss walls. Featuring simple installation, excellent sound insulation, and almost limitless design options, preserved moss walls can immediately upgrade office acoustics.

The Disadvantages of Open-Space Work Environments

While work environments that feature open spaces certainly help foster creativity, communication, and collaboration, there is often a loss of privacy. The background clamor of electronics and conversation can reduce overall work performance and concentration levels. This can amplify employees’ stress levels and impact their engagement and productivity.

Instead of creating a collaborative, efficient, and community-oriented atmosphere, workspaces with an open plan often do the exact opposite. Luckily there is an eco-friendly solution

Acoustic Dampening

Quiet Earth Moss sound dampening walls are an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective option for offices. They can create the same feel and advantages of an open-space work environment without the distraction.

These noise reducing wall panels provide excellent acoustic dampening and are made from 100 percent polyester and recycled PET fiber. They are fully customized and handmade designs which also feature an impressive sound absorption level of .70.

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Top Features of Quiet Earth Sound Dampening Moss Walls

Product: Custom Moss on Ezo Wall. 
Moss: Mixed Moss.

Quiet Earth preserved moss wall customers appreciate several key features of our products:


  • Installation is simple
  • They are made of 100% sustainably sourced moss
  • These walls do not need any pruning or light
  • Design options are limitless
  • The ezoBord acoustic panels are biodegradable
  • The eye naturally gravitates toward them

Beyond absorbing sound, preserved moss panels also offer benefits like:

  • Limitless design options
  • Simple installation
  • Eye-catching style
  • Easy maintenance with no pruning or light required

The Health Benefits of Biophilic Design

The therapeutic effects of nature and the health benefits of biophilic design are both well-documented. As noted, they immediately improve work spaces that are prone to high noise levels such as-- large open offices, reception areas, conference rooms, training rooms, and anywhere else where the quality of communication is vital.


Several Different Options to Choose From

Quiet Earth Moss features several different options:

  • Acoustic moss wall panels
  • Branded moss walls
  • Decorative moss mosaics
  • Moss geo frames
  • 3D moss panel designs
  • Moss planters

Learn More about Quiet Earth Moss Products by Contacting Us Today

We offer several different types, including reindeer moss, pole moss, mixed moss, sheet moss, and mood moss. If you are interested in reducing the noise in your workspace, contact Quiet Earth Moss today to learn more about our custom products.

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