How Do Green Walls Reduce Noise?

Studies have shown that green walls reduce noise levels inside buildings by up to 15 decibels. This noise reduction is possible because plants can absorb and reflect small amounts of sound waves. The acoustic characteristics of green walls minimize all types of noise pollution, including sounds from computers, copy machines, phone chatter, as well as traffic and construction noise in urban settings.

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Acoustic dampening characteristics

Just like traditional living walls, Quiet Earth moss walls are green and soft to the touch. Since our moss is naturally preserved, it doesn’t require water, soil substrate, or sunlight. It provides a similar visual appeal as its living counterpart and absorbs sound for a more peaceful, distraction-free environment.

For years, planners have used trees and foliage as barriers against noise pollution. Moss walls have the same effect, absorbing vibrations and reducing acoustic penetration between spaces. Noise remains one of the top complaints in busy workplaces, especially those with open floorplans. Quiet Earth moss walls— which are easily installed on walls or ceilings-- soak up sound, reducing unwanted noise in offices and interior workplaces.

Noise deflection with preserved moss walls

The noise-reducing capability of moss walls can be better understood with the following example. When sound hits a rigid brick or concrete wall, the sound waves are reflected off the surface and bounce back in the direction of the source. If, instead, they hit a soft and flexible substance that can vibrate-- like preserved moss-- the waves are deflected and partially transformed into other types of energy.

Moss also helps to refract sound waves, just as carpeting does inside a home or office setting. If you have ever been in a room with tile or wood floors, it’s usually very hollow sounding. When a large area rug or carpet is added, the sound is substantially reduced. Plants or preserved moss achieve the same effect by refracting and deflecting sound waves.

QEM - Wavy Wall-HD

Improved acoustic comfort

Reindeer Moss Wall

Noise-- whether echoes of nearby conversations, footsteps on hard floors, or the sounds of office equipment-- is disruptive and distracting. And while green walls made of live plants are excellent sound absorbers, they are expensive and notoriously difficult to maintain.

Quiet Earth’s noise reducing walls are a cost-efficient way to improve acoustic comfort because they are lightweight, maintenance-free, and last for years. Naturally, preserved moss absorbs and deflects sound from a wide range of frequencies and can be mounted on high-performance ezoBord panels.

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