Do Acoustic Panels Really Work?

Acoustic panels work well when they’re used to absorb and dampen sound. They are adept at reducing background noise, echoes, and sound reverberation. Made from natural preserved moss, fabric, or other materials to reduce general noise, they are especially effective in open-plan office environments.

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How do Acoustic Panels Work?

Acoustic panels reduce extra sound by absorbing the sound waves so they can’t bounce back into the space. When a sound wave moves through the air and strikes a smooth, hard wall, it continues to echo in the room.

However, when a sound wave strikes an acoustic panel, its soft texture traps it. The trapped sound wave transforms into kinetic energy and dissipates. The thicker an acoustic panel, the more sound waves it will trap and dissipate. The size and number of acoustic panels will also affect the amount of sound reduced.

When to Use Acoustic Panels

Acoustics is an essential part of overall wellbeing in a professional environment and has a profound effect on stress levels. For example, acoustic panels can help make a large office space more comfortable, boosting performance and concentration as well as increasing creativity.

Acoustic panels are best suited for ambient sound reduction, not soundproofing. Use acoustic panels in open-concept offices, reception areas, conference rooms, and training rooms to mitigate sound transfer and lower background noise to a comfortable level.


Dampen and Absorb Sound with Preserved Moss Panels


While many acoustic panels are available, preserved moss sound-absorbing panels by Quiet Earth Moss offer both effective sound management and stunning interior design. Our preserved moss walls enhance a space with natural beauty while reducing sound disruption, creating a serene atmosphere.

These decorative sound-absorbing panels are crafted from natural, preserved moss and ezoBord backing panels made from recycled PET fiber and 100% polyester. They are capable of reducing ambient noise by 70%. They are also available in almost limitless designs to elevate a space, with optional Aegis Anti-microbial spray to reduce the spread of viruses and germs. What’s more, they are quickly installed and have easy maintenance with no pruning, and no water or light required.

Quiet Earth Moss Acoustic Wall Panels

Quiet Earth Moss acoustic dampening preserved moss walls are a natural, luxurious sound solution, offering noise reduction with style. Contact us to learn more about our custom preserved moss products and bring the therapeutic effects of nature indoors.

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