Biophilic Design in Restaurants

It is well known that Nature has a positive impact on health, wellbeing, and overall happiness.  There are multiple ways to incorporate Biophilic design in a healthcare setting through the optimization of spaces. Design your clinic with a focus on acoustic comfort, air quality, use of natural materials which positively impact the psychological and physiological state of a patient. According to a study, the introduction of biophilia within the healthcare sector spaces has reduced post-operative recovery by 8.5% and the use of pain medication by 22%. Find out how Quiet Earth Moss can help you with your next project.

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The Quiet Earth Moss Difference

Quiet Earth Moss recognizes and harnesses the therapeutic qualities of nature with our stunning preserved moss products for Restraunt clinic design. Create a unique biophilic environment with our handcrafted, maintenance-free moss installations.

  • 100% Custom Designed by You, Handmade by Us
  • Endless possibilities with design integration for your healthcare clinic
  • Backed by ezoBord panels to considerably absorb any unwanted sounds and maintain the level of quiet needed in a healthcare clinic
  • Our Moss walls are extremely easy to install and are lightweight as compared to living walls
  • Industry-leading delivery times
  • Requires no maintenance and 100% natural
Product: Acoustic Moss Wall. 
Moss: Mixed Moss.
Product: Acostic Moss Wall. 
Moss: reindeer and Mood Moss.

Bring Biophilia into Your Space