Biophilic Design: Trends and Predictions 2023

Bringing nature inside as part of architectural and interior design is no longer a growing trend. It is a foundational piece of new building and forward-looking renovations and restorations around the world. In our previous blogs we explored the guiding principles of biophilic design as well as detailing how it creates a healthier, more productive, and less stressful workplace. In this blog, we look at some of the most significant design trends and predictions for 2023 and how Quiet Earth Moss products can help you achieve your design goals.

Trend #1: Organic, tactile materials

While featuring natural materials is a core value of biophilic design, we are going to see a growing emphasis on this design element in 2023. Many design experts connect this trend to a lingering response to pandemic-era isolation, which saw many of us deprived of regular access to the proven benefits of touch. Materials like stone, brick, and natural wood are obvious choices, providing a multi-sensory experience, making a space feel more grounded and connected to the natural world.

Reindeer moss is known for its multi-dimensional texture and softness while Sheet moss is flatter, resembling green grass. For more dynamic texture there is Mood moss (Dicranum Scoparium), a species that grows prolifically throughout the United States, Asia, parts of Europe, and other regions sprinkled with damp, humid woodlands. It has a unique “temperamental” appearance that changes according to humidity and ambient moisture levels. Mood moss can appear fluffy and vibrant with deep emerald hues.

As a 100% organic design feature, preserved moss draws people to touch it, to explore the intricacies of its natural design as a way of reconnecting with nature. Used alone or in combinations, preserved moss gives a designer the flexibility to create multiple layers of texture and dimension in any size space.

FUN FACT: Quiet Earth Moss is preserved to look and feel real, which means no watering is required and it can be used in low-light areas. You will be surprised how many clients and visitors are convinced your moss wall is real!

Trend #2: Color and more color

Neutral and safe whites/greys might have been the palettes of choice when designing office spaces in the past, but designers and architects are leaning into the trend of color with gusto. Whether choosing paint colors that mimic natural environments or creating feature walls to highlight rich, natural textures, designers are constantly looking for ways to bring a wealth of color into today’s work environment.

Cultivated and harvested according to ecological best practices, preserved moss is created from 100% natural lichens and mosses using an innovative, eco-friendly use of natural oils and food dye. Without the use of chemicals, the natural oil mimics the water in the moss, allowing each cluster or strand to maintain its authentic look and texture for years.

When talking color choices, flexibility is the word. Our moss is available in dozens of possible color combinations, from various shades of green to blue lavender or even ice blue. With 25 colors of sustainable EzoBord backing, it is safe to say that the decision to add color to your work environment just became a lot easier.

Trend #3: Use natural geometries

Deliberately connecting nature to office design is the hallmark of biophilic trends. Natural shapes and contours are a cornerstone of new design or renovation features. Based on what is known as the Golden Ratio, this design strategy reaches all the way back to 12th-century Italy. It was here that the mathematician Fibonacci introduced his famous sequence of numbers that can be found in abundance in the natural designs of flower petals, pinecones, seashells, and even hurricanes.

Preserved mosses are rich with Fibonacci sequences that reconnect us emotionally to the natural world. From the clusters of Reindeer moss to the flowing feathers of Mood moss, our products bring a natural geometry to any workplace. Combined with the 6 standard shapes of our Moss Art Tiles and the use of geometric shapes, your creation is limited only by a designer’s imagination.

Looking for something even more dramatic or that reflects your company brand more directly? Contact our in-house team of experts to discuss how we can make preserved moss a key element in your branding strategy.

Biophilic design is no longer a trend. It is a key element of workplace design that has been shown to have beneficial impacts on your staff and your business. Quiet Earth Moss works with designers across North America to help bring these benefits to your company in a cost-effective way. We also keep track of the biophilic trends in order to provide the most expertise and best in-house services available.