3 Great Design Ideas for Preserved Reindeer Moss

Reindeer moss is an excellent medium for designing visually captivating works of art. Treated with natural oils and dyes to maintain its vibrant color and supple texture, preserved reindeer moss requires little upkeep and has many possibilities for interior design projects.

This organic substrate, a species of carpet-forming lichen, can be used in office environments where living plants could never survive.  Since the moss isn’t actively growing and requires no sunlight or irrigation, it can be installed in virtually any setting that would benefit from the soothing effects of greenery.

As we learn more about the positive impacts of biophilic design in the workplace, the demand for nature-inspired installations, color schemes, and design features has continued to grow. From hotel lobbies and boutique medical clinics to commercial office spaces, here are three exciting design ideas that integrate preserved reindeer moss.

Three-Dimensional Moss Art

Bring the beauty of nature indoors with an intriguing, 3D preserved moss panel. Whether featuring pure reindeer moss, or several moss varieties, this installation satisfies our inherent yearning for access to lush greenery. Multiple heights, patterns, and textures make these botanical masterpieces a focal point in any interior setting. There are no restrictions on size, shape, or dimensions, so let your imagination run wild.

Potential design ideas:

  • Concentric circles, spheres, and geometric designs
  • Statement-making company logo
  • Abstract figures
  • Patterns in nature: rivers, mountains, forest floor, sunrise, rainbow, beehives

One-of-a-Kind Framed Moss Panels

If you’re in the market for a design element that is striking and adds rich texture and a burst of color to an otherwise bland environment, a custom-made framed panel with reindeer moss is an excellent solution. Whether a simple or complex composition, you can add different shades of reindeer moss for a unique creation. Get inspired with color choices like sienna, charcoal, ice-blue, yellow, and emerald green.

Frames are usually made from sound-absorbing, eco-friendly ezoBord panels but can also be crafted from acrylic or wood to capture your preferred aesthetic. Lightweight and easy to install in any interior space, framed moss panels are meticulously crafted to meet specified dimensions. They are a great way to introduce the beauty and peace of the outdoors into your office or workspace.

Moss Accent Mosaics

Looking for a novel way to engage the senses with moss wall art that lasts for years? Reindeer moss tiles and mosaics brighten any space while helping to reduce noise pollution– common in high traffic environments. Material– such as metal, PVC, or wood and ezoBord– is inlaid to form your chosen pattern, which could be squares or hexagons repeated on a grid or a more abstract design. There are 19 vibrant colors of preserved reindeer moss to choose from and the option to incorporate custom foliage and other moss types.

Custom Preserved Moss Creations

Reap the myriad benefits of biophilic interior design with Quiet Earth preserved moss walls. Foster creativity, innovation, and a healthier environment by incorporating a beautiful moss panel that is custom-made according to your specifications.