Acoustic and Aesthetic Upgrades for Post-Covid Office Environments

Quiet Earth organically preserved Moss Walls bring a stunning customized green space indoors, while controlling room acoustics.


Made with 100% Natural Moss, preserved with eco-friendly natural oils and food dye.

Retains beautiful authenticity


Requires No Watering

Requires No Natural Light

Never Dries Out

Maintains Natural Texture


Controls Room Acoustics

Captures 90% medium and high voice frequencies

Made with ezoBord™ 100% recyclable panel material

Optional Aegis Anti-Microbial Spray available for added protection 



Fully Customizable to Bring your Vision to Life in any Size Space.

6 Moss types

19 colors in any pattern you can imagine

Use Moss within framed art, ceiling light enhancements and large wallscapes

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Constructed with ezoBord for sound attenuation and strength

Quiet Earth Moss™

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Learn more about the benefits of bringing the beauty of nature indoors with Quiet Earth Moss™